Workshop  location;

DIVI Flamingo Beach Resort, Peter Hughes Meeting Room

J.A. Abraham Blvd 40, Kralendijk, Bonaire


Till February  21st  2014:    GP’s /Medical Specialists   $ 150.00

Medical Professionals        $  75.00

(nurses, function  assistants, policlinic assistants etc.)

After February 21st  2014: GP’s / Medical Specialists  $ 200,00

Medical Professionals        $ 100,00


Beach Barbecue Saturday 15th to be booked separately, drinks included. $ 40,00

The barbecue will be held at Te Amo Beach with a breathtaking sunset (if there are no clouds)



Hotel rooms at special rate:

Bookings must be made direct with the hotel. Booking code: WBAFM

DIVI Flamingo Beach Resort   $ 105,40 (excl. tourist tax $6.50) to be booked before February 21st 2014

Booking direct by Radella Martinus <>

Hotel Central   $ 85.50 (excl. tourist tax $6.50) to be booked before February 21st 2014


Plaza Resort    $133,75 (excl. tourist tax $6.50) to be booked before February 21st 2014

Sonrisa Rooms and Apartments, Kaya Finlandia   $ 95 breakfast incl.  (excl. tourist tax $6.50)



Other accommodation in walking distance of DIVI Flamingo around $ 100

The Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Kaya Inglatera

Djambo Apartments, Kaya Finlandia

Bleu Divers Resort, Kaya Norwega


Suggestions for other accommodation see:


March is still high season. So book early, a lot of accommodations are already fully booked!

If you have problems in finding accommodation, please contact us.


Travel suggestion:

Book your flight early!

The last flight on Sunday 16th to Aruba via Curacao is with Insel Air scheduled at 13.20. Connecting Flight 17.00 to Aruba.

Alternative is to book DIVI DIVI Air at 14.00, 15.30 or 17.00 Bonaire /Curacao with connecting flight at Curacao on Insel Air at 17.00 or 19.30 to Aruba.

The organizing committee is inquiring about  other flight possibilities for Saturday 15th early morning and Sunday 16th afternoon. Further information will follow on this website.